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Celebrating our "sweet 16th" anniversary!

$1,775.00 raised
GOAL: $1,600.00



Celebrate our "sweet 16" years of action supporting the Pay It Forward philosophy of Kindness To Strangers! 

Make your gift of $16 or more. *All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by state & federal laws.







The Pay It Forward Foundation is focused on providing copies of the Pay It Forward Young Readers Edition, as a resource for teachers in classrooms all across the United States. From partnering with teachers in more than fifty communities over the last 18 months, we know the Pay It Forward philosophy of kindness among strangers is working. We hear from teachers who see positive changes in their classrooms, within the daily lives of their students. This is our impact. 

Here is why your gift is important: 

     For $10 you provide one book for one student

     For $100 you provide 10 books for 10 students 

     For $220 you provide a set of books for an entire class 

     For $550 you provide a set of books for a whole class grade 

     $1,000 sponsors the Foundation's digital presence for a whole year  

     $5,000 provides operational support for two months